My Story

"Imagine going most of your life attracted to jewellery making but never knowing why. Picture how empowering it was to have this passion explained in one simple, previously unseen article.
Whilst researching the bead trade, I stumbled on an article about a place called Teshie House in Ghana. The article unearthed that the house was my grandfather’s and for centuries had been the premises for traditional jewellery making. 
It was in my bloodline.
Born in London, I take contemporary fashion and throw in my Ghanaian heritage. One of my favourite parts of the Katiico collection are the Aggry beads. The very beads that my ancestors produced and at one time were considered so valuable that they were used as currency.
Today Aggry beads are worn fashionably as a style statement but also to express wealth and happiness."
Kate Bruce, Founder and Designer- Katiico Jewellery x
Supported by the Princes Trust.