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Love Drop Cluster

Love Drop Cluster

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A cluster of multi coloured Mali bridal beads brought together on a fine gold necklace. These beads are vintage and cannot be reproduced exactly the same so each necklace is entirely unique, colours may vary slightly because of this. Each piece is completely unique, patterns and colours of the beads may vary.

The gift of love is the greatest of all. This Mali Bridal bead collection is just that! Mali Bridal beads have been given as part of a Malian brides dowry for hundreds of years and some of the vintage beads are still in circulation in fact our collection is made of those very vintage beads so they may naturally have flecks on them and that’s to show how original and unique they are. Their vibrant unique colour and patterns carefully blown rain drop glass aesthetic make anything made with these beads and true treasure to cherish.

24k gold vermeil 

Fine glass

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